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Excursions are an integral part of the Bushika Adventure Program. Students will make one large and at least three small trips during the program to beautiful and interesting destinations. Bushika Adventure's 2023 excursion itinerary includes the following locations:

Drake's Bay

On this 3-day/2-night excursion, Bushika Adventures students travel from Boruca by bus to Sierpe. In Sierpe, students board a boat which takes them on the Sierpe River through the mangroves to Drake's Bay. This area includes the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park, the largest remaining coastal rain forest in Central America.

This excursion provides Bushika Adventures students with an opportunity to see the mangroves, rainforest and ocean, and to bond with their American peers.

While in Drake's Bay, students stay in cabins at a resort, eat delicious traditional Costa Rican food, swim in the river, hike to waterfalls and paddle up the river in kayaks and small boats.

Beach Trip with the Borucan Students

On this day trip, a rented bus takes both Bushika Adventure students and Borucan youth to a nearby beach where they play games, including soccer, take part in organized activities, wade in the ocean, and eat lunch. U.S student tuition covers the costs for the Borucan youth to join on this trip beach trip. The trip offers a rare opportunity for them to get out of the village and visit a beach.

Waterfall & Water Slide In Boruca

On two different day hikes, students and their Borucan friends visit the local waterfalls. A student-favorite is the waterfall that has a natural rock water slide. This hike is more challenging, it is about a 2.5 hour hike from the village of Boruca. At the water slide, students swim, play fun water games and enjoy lunch at the water slide before returning to the village by bus.

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