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We believe friendship can change the world

To further Bushika Adventures' mission of fostering cross-cultural friendships among students, and to allow for as much positive chance, or "bushika" as possible, the program is comprised of three key components ---

1) Group Projects

Group projects provide students with the opportunity to work together to accomplish community service projects in the community.

The Bushika Adventures trip itinerary includes 7 to 8 days devoted to student groups providing service to the community of Boruca. Many interesting opportunities are available.

2) Independent Projects

Independent projects provide students with the opportunity to choose topics that interest them and pursue in-depth activities in those particular areas. Many students choose to learn traditional arts or choose to focus on other cultural aspects of the community. 

3) Excursions

Excursions offer students an opportunity to learn about the geography, flora and fauna of Costa Rica, to rest and relax with both American and Costa Rican peers and to meet physical challenges.


Learn more about our program by watching the following past videos.

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Bushika Adventures 2012: Short Video

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