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Parent Reviews

"It was amazing. The leaders were competent, experienced, and able to manage all the issues that came up including but not limited to food preferences, allergies, social complexities, and travel hiccups beyond their control. The program was immersive in a very authentic way; our teens were partnered with local kids to speak Spanish; learn about culture, rituals and traditions; build structures; travel to swimming holes and beaches; and play tons of survivor-type games. What the teens learned was that no matter how different our lives might be in different parts of the world, there are things that we have in common. We are so glad to have been able to give our daughter this opportunity."

By NatashaTerk

Five-stars in every way possible. Our daughter participated in Bushika Adventures' two-week trip to Boruca as a newly graduated 8th grader/rising high school freshman in summer 2019, and not only had a highly enjoyable and highly educational experience, but returned home a more confident, more competent and more caring young woman. Bushika Adventures provides young people with the life-changing opportunity for world travel without parents, but with strong support and a warm, welcoming community with which to connect while exploring the possibilities that lie beyond our comfortable East Bay bubble. Our daughter is eager to return someday to Boruca and to discover what treasures the rest of the world holds in store as well. Interested parents: this is more than an exciting experience for young people; this is brilliance at a bargain price.

By John Goodwin

Read about how Bushika Adventures has impacted students' lives. 


Student: 3 summers

“The time I have spent in the community of Boruca over the years has allowed me to experience a culture very different from my own. I have made life-long relationships with Borucans, improved my Spanish by speaking in real–life circumstances and now see my own culture with new eyes.” Elena wrote a powerful essay, while in high school, about the impact her experiences in Borcua which you may read by clicking here: ElenaEssay


Student: 3 summers

"Boruca was the best experience of my life. I was given the chance to live in a village with a culture that fulfilled me, scenery that engrossed me, and locals that enriched me with their strength and courage. The Borucans became my best friends. Their culture opened my eyes to a new world. I fell in love with their happiness and their idea of what is important in life. Whether it be the teenagers who play with their baby siblings at the waterfall, or the adults who take care of their dying mothers, family was the root that held them all together. More then anything, what I was given by the Borucans was the most profound feeling of appreciation. The Borucans, who live in complete poverty and have a perspective on life so different from my own, made me feel beautiful, important, and loved. I left Boruca with more self-assurance because not only did I survive all the challenges I was faced with, but I let myself open up to what was new and scary to me, and it has made me a stronger person because of it."


Student: 5 summers

"My Bushika experience has made me more independent. When I was in Boruca, I had the opportunity to make friends with Borucans, learn about a different culture and practice my Spanish."


Student: 4 summers

"One of my most memorable moments on the trip was when we went to the beach with the Borucans. It was really fun because two of my favorite things are being in Boruca with the people and also being at the ocean so it was everything I like rolled into one box; it was perfect - a really great day. Another thing I loved was the independent activities. I got to play with the Borucans on a soccer league!"


Student: 2 summers

"Bushika has changed my life! I am more open to different people and new experiences than I was before I went to Boruca. Spending time with my Borucan friends, doing my independent project and using my Spanish daily has made me less fearful of the unknown and more confident in myself. I am now willing to engage in new experiences. I have learned that by taking risks, I can overcome obstacles and have fun. Bushika helped to prepare me for high school."


Student:1 summer

"One thing I was surprised by was the amount of work we had to do on this trip. At first, I didn't think I could do so much work but between hiking three hours to get to the waterfall and the community service project, I learned that when I put my mind to it, I can do much more than I thought I could. I also learned that friends make everything better."

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